Refashioning History Project by Eve Gilmour

The Keep Military Museum was delighted to welcome Eve Gilmour, a sixth former from Dorchester, to the museum recently on a work experience placement. Eve is a keen sewer, and studies history, textiles and English literature for her A Levels. For her work experience project, Eve utilised all her skills to make a replica Victorian Era dress tunic.

Eve began the project by looking at jackets from the Keep’s textiles collection. The Keep has a large textiles collection that spans the history of the regiments, and referencing the real garments allowed Eve to understand the clothing pattern, and the feel of historic textiles.

Eve began making the replica with a practice run, using calico cloth to work out the shape and process of the sewing

After the test run, Eve then made a final version of the jacket using the iconic scarlet colour of Victorian dress tunics.

After constructing the tunic, Eve then tailored the jacket to the mannequin, adding regimental buttons (and naming the mannequin Albert!)


The jacket looks fantastic, especially when displayed beside the original jackets from the era on display in our second floor gallery, seen below! Thank you so much for joining us Eve!

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