Our Charity

The Keep Military Museum is operated by a charity registered with The Charity Commission (England & Wales) and is called “The Dorchester Keep Military Museum Trust”.  It is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and its registration number is 1200607.  Further details can be found on the Charity Commission website www.charitycommission.gov.uk.

Our charitable objective, or mission, is:

“To maintain a museum and advance education for the benefit of the public and members of the participating regiments about the history of the regiments of Devon and Dorset, past and present, and the military history of those counties”

Our Vision is a statement of the intended future state, and is:

“The Keep Military Museum is to become a prominent, independent, regional museum based in the Keep, Dorchester, inspiring and educating the present and future communities of Dorset and Devon.  It uses its collection of objects, documents, and testimony in imaginative and compelling ways to tell stories from the past of the soldiers and regiments from the communities of those counties and linked to successor regiments.  It is financially sustainable, able to generate revenue and attract grants to cover its costs and invest in the future, with or without MOD support.”



The charity is managed by a team of ten Trustees.  They are:

Brigadier Richard Toomey (Chair)

Jeremy Archer

Philip Cooper

Victoria de Wit

Colonel Mark Gidlow-Jackson

Katherine Hamilton-Baily

David Jones

Michael Kinney

Captain Colin Parr

Colonel David Swann

The Trustees work closely with other museums in our region of Dorset, Devon, Cornwall and Wiltshire – both military and non-military museums.  We also work closely with regimental associations and representative organisations in the region.



If you would like to learn more about the Charity, or if you would like to contact the charity Trustees, please email the Secretary to the Board on dkmmtsec@keepmilitarymuseum.org.