They Couldn’t Have Done Better



They Couldn’t Have Done Better – The Story of the Dorset Regiment in War and Peace 1939-67 by Christopher Jary

This fascinating book tells the story of the Dorset Regiment and its four battalions who fought with distinction in the Second World War in France, Malta, Sicily and Italy, Burma and finally North West Europe. Post-war, the book follows the Regiment in its peacetime role through Berlin, Tokyo and Trieste to Malaya, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Korea. It tells the story of the Regulars, Territorials and National Servicemen who made up the Regiment during its last decade to 1958. Finally, it describes the contribution of the Territorials who were the last to wear the Dorset cap badge until 1967. Above all, it is a family story of one of England’s finest county regiments. It is vividly told, with many personal stories, often in the words of those who were there.

They Couldn’t Have Done Better must read for anybody interested in the Dorsetshire Regiment.


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