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Straight on for Tokyo – The War History of the 2nd Battalion The Dorsetshire Regiment by Lt Col O G W White DSO OBE

Straight on for Tokyo is a remarkable book  – for the story it tells, for the characters it portrays and for the quality of its telling – which together produce an outstanding account of an infantry battalion at war.  Written shortly after the Second World War by Geoffrey White, one of the Battalion’s commanding officers, it paints a vivid picture of both the campaigns in which the Dorsets excelled.

In the Second World War the Dorset Regiment produced three outstanding fighting battalion commanders: Lieutenant-Colonels Stephenson, Bredin and White. Two of them- Colonel Steve and Knocker White- loom large in this book, which White himself wrote in 1948. His vivid history tells two remarkable stories, of the Dorset’s dramatic escape from Dunkirk and of their heroic victory at Kohima and subsequent advance through Burma.

This new 400-page edition is packed with photographs and available from us at the Keep Military Museum.

A must read for anybody interested in the Dorsetshire Regiment.

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