Devotion To Duty – Gallantry Awards 1919-1958


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Devotion To Duty – Gallantry Awards 1919-1958 Won By The Devonshire Regiment and The Dorset Regiment by Christopher Jary and Nick Speakman

Devotion to Duty tells the story of the 308 soldiers of the Devonshire Regiment and the Dorset Regiment who won 321 gallantry awards during the forty years between the end of the First World War and 1958, when the Regiments joined to become the Devon & Dorsets.

Structured chronologically as a history, the book describes the campaign in which each award was won and provides a brief biography and, where possible, a photograph of the winner. The story begins in the North Russia Campaign of 1919, continues through Iraq, Ireland, India and Palestine and ends with the post-war campaigns in Malaya, Korea and Kenya. But the bulk of the book describes the 273 awards won during the various campaigns of the Second World War. Among many other stories, it tells of the five Dorset soldiers (including their brave Doctor) who won George Crosses, the very brave Devon officer (code named Xavier) who won the DSO leading the Resistance in Occupied France, the gallant Dorset company commander recommended for the VC in Normandy and the story of the Devon heroes of Nippon Hill and the Dorset heroes of Kohima.

Over 300 pages long and with 150 photographs and 20 maps, Devotion to Duty was written by Major Nick Speakman and Christopher Jary of the Keep Military Museum with help from Peter Helmore and Rex Lovell. Their book brings together for the first time the story of the gallantry of the soldiers of our two county regiments. It makes sad but inspiring reading.

A must read for anybody interested in the Devonshire Regiment and Dorsetshire Regiment.

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