The Devonshire Regiment

11th Foot

Raised in 1685 the 11th Foot served in Europe and as Marines. Fighting in the Peninsular War they earned the nickname “The Bloody Eleventh”. 

In the 19th Century they served in Australia and campaigned in Afghanistan, Burma and the North West Frontier. In 1881 they became The Devonshire Regiment. Two battalions served in South Africa during the Boer War.

The First World War saw battalions in France, (where the 2nd Devons were awarded the Croix de Guerre, still worn today by The Rifles), Italy, the Balkans and the Middle East. 

The Second World War saw the 1st Battalion fighting in Burma, the 2nd Battalion in Malta, Sicily, Italy and the 5th and 7th Battalions in North West Europe. The 12th Battalion fought as Airborne troops. 

After 1945 the Regiment served in Malaya, Kenya and Germany. Despite the Devonshire Regiment amalgamating with the Dorset Regiment in 1958, the regimental title was retained in the Territorial Army until 1967. 

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