Dorchester Walking Festival- A Military Town

Dorchester has a long history as a military town. The Depot Barracks, home to the County Regiment and the adjacent Royal Artillery Barracks were located on the western side of the town, just a few hundred yards from the town centre.

Consequently, there were always soldiers to be seen in the streets. They attended local, churches, drank in local pubs, and married local girls. When war came along, Dorchester became a hive of activity on the home front and the war front.

On this walk you will visit many of the sites and hear many of the stories associated with Dorchester the military town.

The tour finishes with entry to the Keep, with admission included in the tour price.


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This event is part of The Dorchester Walking Festival, a 9-day event taking place from Saturday 13th May 2023 to Sunday 21st May during National Walking Month. For more information about walks around Dorchester, click here!