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Unveiling of Kohima Stone at County Hall

A Stone to remember the bravery of the 2nd Dorsets in India in 1944 will be unveiled at County Hall in Dorchester on Wednesday (13th May 2015) at 11am. The date marks the end of the battle for Kohima. 

The 2nd Dorsets had fought very tenaciously  for nearly a month to reach the tennis court in the District Commissioner’s  Bungalow compound. The conditions were appalling with much close quarter fighting in mountainous terrain and harsh climatic conditions. The allies success in stopping the Japanese advance into India was a turning point in the India / Burma campaign, and so the Dorsets success in reaching the tennis court was a major factor in this turning point leading to the Japanese being forced to retire to the South. One of the heroes in this achievement was Sgt Waterhouse of 149 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps who manoeuvred his tank over a 6 foot drop onto the court firing at point blank range. At this time Sgt Given was able to deploy  his platoon very skilfully setting about any enemy he could find. For his actions on this day he was justly awarded the Military Medal for his bravery.

Three medals awarded for bravery in this action are on display in the Keep Military Museum.

Nick Speakman: 11th May 2015 11:00:00