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231 Brigade Trilogy

Together, these three books tell the story of 231 Malta Brigade – the 2nd Devons, 1st Hampshires and 1st Dorsets – who first came together in Malta in February 1941.  Having endured blockade, bombing and starvation on Malta, they led the landings on Sicily in July 1943 and fought through that bitter campaign before landing on the toe of Italy in September 1943.  At 0730 hours on 6th June 1944 they were the first British infantry to land in Normandy, seizing a beach-head around Arromanches.  They then fought their bloody way, through France, Belgium and the Netherlands, all the way to the German border.  On their sleeves they wore their Brigade badge: the scarlet and white cross of Malta.

Told as far as possible in the words of the Brigade’s veterans and with many previously unpublished photographs, Yells, Bells & Smells, Roy’s Boys and D-Day Spearhead Brigade describe from a soldier’s perspective the grim but inspiring reality of the three battalions in three remarkable campaigns that took Britain and her Commonwealth from near-defeat in 1940 to total victory in 1945.

Available to purchase online through our shop here. (Price: £15 individually but £36 for the trilogy – both prices including postage.)

: 2nd Feb 2021