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15th Aug 2018 Every One Remembered 14th Aug 2018 Hardy and the Military 13th Aug 2018 NEW: 'Distinguished Service' 13th Aug 2018 Double your cultural experience in Dorchester! 1st Aug 2018 Summer at The Keep - Kids Go Free! 27th Sep 2016 New Book! STRAIGHT ON FOR TOKYO: Review 21st Jul 2016 Devotion To Duty Book Launched 30th Jun 2016 Somme 100 - Our Tribute To Those Who Fell 8th Jun 2016 D Day Remembered 72 Years On 8th Jun 2016 The Keep Named As A Cool Place To Visit In Dorchester 7th Jun 2016 Summer Offers Planned after Half Term Success 14th May 2016 Kids Go Free is back for the Spring Half Term Holiday 8th Apr 2016 Mayors of Dorset Civic Day Visit 23rd Mar 2016 Kids Go Free and Behind the Scenes Tours During the School Easter Holidays 22nd Mar 2016 Swanage Ceremony for Dorset Knights of Honour 11th Mar 2016 A Trench Life Saver - This Month's Keepsake Video Released 29th Feb 2016 Rare Armoured Car Visits Keep to Commemorate Agagia Centenary 16th Dec 2015 What Christmas was like on the Western Front in 1915 18th Nov 2015 100-Year-Old Diary From The Battlefield Donated To Museum Gives Unique Perspective On Gallipoli 29th Oct 2015 New Books In The Museum Shop 29th Oct 2015 Act of Remembrance - Tirah Campaign 1897 28th Sep 2015 Keep Hosts launch of Penny Legg's new book Military Wives 7th Aug 2015 Certificate of Excellence Award for The Keep 5th Aug 2015 An account of the Dorsets in Hong Kong 1952-1954 - Major John Gaye writes a review of Bullshit Baffles Brains by Dick Eberlie and Christopher Jary 14th Jul 2015 Pupils Join Forces to Learn the Lessons of Gallipoli 9th Jul 2015 On Sale Now! Bullshit Baffles Brains book is officially launched at Royal British Legion Club 13th May 2015 New Kohima Stone Dedicated at Service in Dorchester 11th May 2015 Unveiling of Kohima Stone at County Hall 2nd May 2015 Remembering Hill 60 One Hundred Years On 22nd Apr 2015 The Last Bash Of The Swedebashers - But They Will Live On At The Keep Military Museum 12th Mar 2015 21-year-old Works to Encourage Young People to Venture into the Past 11th Mar 2015 WW1 Trench Experience - New for 2015! 10th Oct 2014 They Couldn't Have Done Better - The Story of the Dorset Regiment in War and Peace 1939 - 1967 8th Dec 1999 Mayors of Dorset Civic Day Visit 8th Dec 1999 Mayors of Dorset Civic Day Visit