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In November 2016, news of evacuations in Portsmouth were reported due to a World War 2 bomb which was found in the water.  There was also an incident in Corfe Mullen when a World War 2 bomb was discovered by a worker at Henbury Quarry and in July Weymouth beach was cordoned off by police after a World War 2 shell was discovered by a metal detector.

As this post was being written the Daily Echo reported ‘A Large area of Poole Quay has been sealed off after an unexploded World War II bomb has been dredged up by workmen’. Even today we are discovering remnants of War and our ‘Mystery Object’ this week maps not only the bombs dropped on Dorset during World War 2 but casualty numbers and other fascinating details.

50 High Explosive Bombs
1 Unexploded High Explosive Bomb
10 Unexploded High Explosive Bombs
1 Delayed Action High Explosive Bomb
1 British Aircraft Brought Down
1 Incendiary Bomb
50 Incendiary Bombs
500 Incendiary Bombs
1 Unexploded Incendiary Bomb
1 Parachute Mine
1 German Aircraft Brought Down
German aircraft brought down in the sea and confirmed. Actual location unknown.

Total number of casualties in the County
Killed – 280
Seriously injured – 237
Slightly injured – 358


‘This is a reproduction of the map kept by the Dorset Constabulary showing bombs and crashed aircraft which fell on the County during the 1935 – 1945 War. Many Anti-personnel bombs were dropped in various parts of the County and are not recorded on this map.’

The map is part of the Museum’s collection and is displayed on our ground floor. In the New Year this map will be at the focus of a new display looking at Dorset at War. Follow us on Facebook to hear about the new exhibition first!

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