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Management and Staffing at The Keep Military Museum

The Keep Military Museum is run by a Committee of Trustees.  The everyday management of the Museum is overseen by the Keep Executive Board and a small team of staff.  The Museum also relies very heavily on a team of dedicated volunteers who devote a lot of time to all aspects of Museum life - research, displays, front of house and general maintainance 

Vacancies for employment rarely occur but when they do they will be advertised in the local press or on the Leicester University Museum Jobs Desk, depending on the nature of the vacancy. We are unable to consider applications sent to us at other times.  We are always happy to hear from potential volunteers.

The permanent staff at the Museum are:

Laura Jayne Gardner                      Curator

John Murphy                                  Custodian

Lis Green                                       Assistant Manager

All our research is dealt with by volunteers. Our Research Coordinator is Jane Mills. Please check out our research pages before sending Jane your enquiry.