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I received my copy of the wonderful 50 Objects on Saturday morning. For the next few hours, I was hooked - transported around the world to Egypt, Flanders, India, Burma, South Africa and places closer to home. It brought alive many of those otherwise dull items on display that I had glanced at so many times over so many years. It illuminated the history of the regiment which I have been so privileged to be part of for my entire life. I began to wish that I had taken rather more interest in this history while I was still serving. Indeed, if such a book had been around, providing the stories of the many both trivial and sometimes world changing events, I almost certainly would have been a better educated young officer. History is story-telling. Without the stories, history is just a list of dates.

Thank you to all those who participated in this project, and thank you for sending it out during Lock Down. It will ensure that I take a much greater interest in the old things that are on display when I next pop into The Keep. I hope it is a great success; it certainly deserves to be.