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The Western Campaign / Agagia Campaign - 1915


The Queen's Own Dorset Yeomen had been withdrawn from Gallipoli to Murdros to rest and refit, numbering just sixty-five men, under command of a Lieutenant. Here ten officers and fifty-seven men joined the Regiment but the decision had already been taken to withdraw the force from the Gallipoli Peninsular. Consequently, the Yeoman embarked on HMS Hannibal on 27th November 1915 arriving at the Egyptian port of Alexandria before entraining for Cairo. Here they joined the rear party of forty-two men that by now principally consisted of sick or convalescing men but a draft of 11 officers and 133 men brought the QODY up to a descent strength, under Temporary Lieutenant Colonel Godden. Another draft of twenty-five men joined the Regiment and at the same time, the Dorset Yeomen took over 114 troop horses from the Bucks Yeomanry, thus resuming their mounted status.