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Battle of Bois des Buttes

  • French Croix de Guerre
    French Croix de Guerre
  • Map
  • Map - Location of the Devons
    Map - Location of the Devons
  • Lieutenant Colonel Andreson-Moreshead
    Lieutenant Colonel Andreson-Moreshead
  • Heavy Guns
    Heavy Guns
  • 210mm German Howitzer
    210mm German Howitzer
  • Surviving Tunnel
    Surviving Tunnel
  • Map - Trench Layout
    Map - Trench Layout
  • Oberst Bruchmuller
    Oberst Bruchmuller
  • The Devon's Positions
    The Devon's Positions
  • German Advance
    German Advance
  • Sturmtruppen
  • Fighting in the Wood
    Fighting in the Wood
  • Sturmtruppen Clearing Trenches
    Sturmtruppen Clearing Trenches
  • Bombardment
  • Sturmtruppen Advance
    Sturmtruppen Advance
  • The Stand of the 2nd Devons
    The Stand of the 2nd Devons
  • German Bridging Operations
    German Bridging Operations
  • 2nd Devons Camp Colour
    2nd Devons Camp Colour

Over the last seventy three years much has been written about the battle of Bois des Buttes. It was fought by the 2nd Battalion the Devonshire Regiment on the lightly wooded slopes a low sand store hill during the morning of 27 May 1918. The fact that after a gap of some years another account of the Battle has been written testifies to the Battles continuing importance to the Regiment. Not only is Bois de Buttes important regimentally, it also gives examples of the qualities of leadership, of sacrifice and endurance that are as important to soldiers now as they were during the First World War.