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Initial Landings - Gallipolli

  • Von Sanders
    Von Sanders
  • Mudros Harbour
    Mudros Harbour
  • Turkish Deployment
    Turkish Deployment

It took five weeks to concentrate the amphibious force at Murdros Harbour on the Aegean Island of Lemnos. With an assembly area so close to Turkish territory, there was little opportunity to conceal the fact that action was imminent but equally no deception measures were being taken. This left the German officer commanding the Turkish forces, Marshal Liman von Sanders, only having to guess exactly where on the Gallipoli Peninsular, and when, the Anglo French blow would fall.

The initial landings were made by the British 29th Division around Cape Helles and the Australians and New Zealanders of the ANZAC Corps. Through a combination of stronger than expected opposition, difficult terrain and missed opportunities, only a small beachhead was formed. Yard by painful yard, the allies fought north up the Peninsular but by late May they were still well short of their Day One objective and hemmed in by Turkish defences on the rocky hills and ridges.