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  • Manfalut Camp
    Manfalut Camp
  • QODY Camel Patrol
    QODY Camel Patrol
  • Lt Ryan & Vols for ICC
    Lt Ryan & Vols for ICC
  • Observation Balloon
    Observation Balloon
  • British Tank destroyed by shells
    British Tank destroyed by shells
  • Brig CAC Godwin DSO
    Brig CAC Godwin DSO
  • Reg ready to move
    Reg ready to move
  • Horses ferried over River
    Horses ferried over River
  • Gen Sir E Allenby
    Gen Sir E Allenby
  • PLAN BrAdv to Jerusalem 1917
    PLAN BrAdv to Jerusalem 1917
  • Krupp Gun
    Krupp Gun
  • Entering Beersheba
    Entering Beersheba
  • El Mughar Village 1928
    El Mughar Village 1928
  • Junction Station Prisoners entrained
    Junction Station Prisoners entrained

On the 10 May the Regiment moved to the Assiout District for some seven months, taking over patrol duties riding camels, owing to the shortage of water in the desert and the length of patrols being up to 5 days. Each squadron bivouacked at separate locations in the desert and mounted camel patrols that successfully dominated the area. Soon after arrival forty volunteers were sought from each of the sixteen Yeomanry Regiments making up the 6 Mounted Brigade to form a British battalion in The New Imperial Camel Corps. Lt Ryan led the Dorset Yeomanry contingent.

On 25 March 1917 the Regiment, as part of the 6 Mounted Brigade under command of Brigadier Godwin, took part in the first battle for Gaza which failed. On the 16 April they took part in the second battle for Gaza with eight British tanks in support, the first time such machines were used in the Middle East. The attack again failed. Having suffered some 7,000 casualties, the British force forces withdrew, with The Regiment retiring to camp at Abason, where The King of Italy awarded the Italian Bronze Medal on five Non Commissioned Officers and men.

For six months the Regiment took its turn on patrols, reconnaissance and raids. On 23 May, The Regiment took part in an attack on the Beersheba to Auja railway, destroying thirteen miles of track, six substantial arched bridges and the points and switching gear at Asling Station.

On 28 June General Allenby took over command of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force from General Murray. At this time the Turks held well established lines of defence from Gaza to Beersheba.

General Allenby decided in order to capture Gaza he must first deny the enemy the wells at Beersheba, his main water supply. Beersheba fell on 31 October to Mounted Troops, and on 7 November, the Turks started falling back from their positions at Gaza, re-establishing a defensive line to hold positions at Junction Station on the Jerusalem to Beersheba railway.

General Allenby's troops duly captured Junction Station on 12 November, at the same time the Mounted Division was ordered to march eastwards and capture Narneh village. 6 Mounted Brigade also captured Yebnah, but the Turks still held the high controlling ridge from Katrah to El Mughar.