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The Americans in Dorset

  • Rudder's Rangers
    Rudder's Rangers
  • Sorry Jean
    Sorry Jean
  • Burton Bradstock Public House
    Burton Bradstock Public House
  • US Pre-Embarkation
    US Pre-Embarkation
  • Marching to the Ships
    Marching to the Ships
  • German Prisoners at Weymouth
    German Prisoners at Weymouth

Once the planners had finalised the D-Day invasion plan, which placed the First US Army on the western beaches of the Bay de la Seine, American troops started to arrive in Devon and Dorset. As American troops and material poured into Britain, from November 1943, Dorset became host to one of the D-Day assault divisions. The towns, villages and great houses of the county were surrounded by camps or literally taken over by units of 1st US Infantry Division or, as it was known, 'Big Red One'. Some 34,142 men and 3,306 vehicles were based in Dorset and bound for Omaha Beach – 'Bloody Omaha'.