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Visitors Book

Quotes from our Visitors' Book

Family group aged 10 - 70 - all enjoyed it!

Ayres Family, West Sussex

Had a lovely time and the children have learnt a lot!

Yates family, Wareham

Interesting to see the hsitory of the Regiments so carefully and lovingly presented

Mr Baggaley, Spain

Very interesting and well presented. Came here after completing a school project on World War I

The Bound Family, Suffolk

I love going rouind military museums and this was one of the best. It was a gold mine of information covering the centuries.

Mr Hutchinson, Somerset

I have had a really nice time here, there were really interesting things


The finest Museum I know

Mr Brown, Berkshire

Wonderful collection of medals, trophies and outfits. Thank you so much for keeping their memoires alive.

Mr and Mrs Yeoman, Devon

Outstanding museum and my kids had a brilliant time on eo fthe best by far.

Mr Maynard, Channel Islands

Educational and well laid out - one of the best of its type I've seen (Dad). I like the outfits and the guns and the giant horse! (Child). Brillinat - wow! (Mum)

The Lockyer family, Blandford

Well run, very friendly staff, enjoyed the day - will be back!

Mr Clements, Essex

Nice job - good to see your version of things. Hope to be back soon

Cara Cooke, Texas USA

I go to Army Cadets and our cap badge is The Rifles. Loved reading about The Rifles on the 3rd floor.
I enjoyed looking at the medals such as the Victoria Cross

The Perret Family, Bristol

Perfect for children. Very informative. Recommending it to friends. Found great grnadads medals too!

The Lewis family, Dorchester

Fantastic! Very interesting and clearly laid out. Thought the introductory film was well-written and presented. The kids loved it.

The Madge Family, Kent