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The Museum holds the collection of the Regiments of Devonshire and Dorset.

  • The 11th Regiment of Foot
  • The 39th Regiment of Foot
  • The 54th Regiment of Foot
  • The Devonshire Regiment
  • The Dorsetshire Regiment
  • The Dorset Regiment
  • The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment
  • The Dorset Yeomanry

Please note that the Devon Yeomanry Collection is held at Barnstaple Museum.

The collection includes: medals, uniforms, silverware, weapons and many other artefacts.  We hold a large archive and photograph collection.  The Wood Library contains an extensive collection of Regimental and Military Books, including Army Lists and Regimental Journals.

Our ground floor is an introductory floor with video, temporary displays and our new acquisitions cases.  Here we show some of our larger exhibits –life-size models of soldiers and horses; the Marabout Gun captured by the 54th of Foot in 1801; a 25 Pounder Gun used by the 94th Field Artillery in World War Two; The Wagon Hill Cross from the Boer War.   You can also see some of  our of smaller exhibits such as miniature medals, badges , sweetheart brooches  and Christmas cards displayed in special chests.  

The first floor is a chronological history of our Regiments from 1685 – 1958.  It include Hitler’s desk rescued from his Chancellery at the end of World War Two.  The central area of the first floor contains our World War One display and trench.  Our World War One displays will be up-dated annually to reflect the progress of the war.

The second floor showcases our extensive medal collection, silverware and weapons, as well the Dorset Yeomanry Collection.

The third floor is the gallery of the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment 1958 – 2007. Steps from the third floor go to our battlements which give visitors stunning views all around Dorchester.