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WWII - Home Front

This virtual gallery and its associated education pages (National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3) cover the Dorset Home Front in the Second World War. Throughout the years 1939-1944 Dorset was very much in Britain's Front Line, not only were the skies above the county the battleground of the RAF and the Luftwaffe but on the ground the County's beaches were excellent landing ground for the German invader and needed defending. In the middle of the war training for a wide variety of operations was carried out and raids of all kinds mounted from Dorset. Finally, Dorset was the D Day springboard for the American force heading for Omaha Beach in Normandy. Few counties consistently played such an important role in the defence of Britain and we are most grateful to the assistance of the National Lottery's Home Front Recall fund for making our display in the Keep Museum, the education packs and this web site possible.

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A copy of a commemorative booklet published Jan 1945 to record the service of C Company, 14th (Moorside) Battalion Devon Home Guard. This Battalion's area covered the villages and country west of Exeter running up to Dartmoor.

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