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The over three hundred year history of the regiments of Devon and Dorset will be presented through these pages; it is an ambitious project and will be developed over time. We have a very general top level history with links to further pages and often documents in a more detailed levels. Virtual Galleries covering the regiments' part in the Gallipoli Campaign (WWI), the Middle East Campaign (WWI), the Battle of the Somme (WWI) and the Home Front (WWII) are already in place.

Please return to visit our new Virtual Galleries.

If you do not find the answer to a question in these pages please consider our research service.

A DVD 'The Bloody 11th' is available to buy online, in person from the Museum Shop or via download from Battlefield History TV. The film covers the long history of both the Devons and the Dorsets from 1685-2007.

BHTV - Battlefield History TV - click to visit their web site