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  • Fire Bomb Poster
    Fire Bomb Poster
  • Careless Talk
    Careless Talk
  • Dig For Victory
    Dig For Victory
  • Evacuee Poster
    Evacuee Poster
  • German Bombers
    German Bombers
  • Anti-Aircraft gun
    Anti-Aircraft gun
  • Bombed Pub
    Bombed Pub
  • Metropol Bournemouth
    Metropol Bournemouth
  • Heavy Anti-Aircraft Guns
    Heavy Anti-Aircraft Guns
  • UXB Dorchester
    UXB Dorchester
  • Anderson Shelter
    Anderson Shelter
  • Inside an Anderson Shelter
    Inside an Anderson Shelter
  • Assembling Shelters
    Assembling Shelters
  • Morrison Shelter
    Morrison Shelter
  • School Shelter
    School Shelter
  • Air Raid Card
    Air Raid Card
  • Army Reserve
    Army Reserve
  • Stop Lines
    Stop Lines
  • Home Guard Exercise
    Home Guard Exercise
  • Bridport Homeguard
    Bridport Homeguard
  • Commando Training
    Commando Training
  • Churchill Reviewing The Home Guard
    Churchill Reviewing The Home Guard
  • Tarrant Rushton Airfield
    Tarrant Rushton Airfield
  • Home Guard Parade
    Home Guard Parade
  • German Prisoners at Weymouth
    German Prisoners at Weymouth
  • Stuka
  • Jack Mantle VC
    Jack Mantle VC
  • Rudder's Rangers
    Rudder's Rangers
  • Sorry Jean
    Sorry Jean
  • Burton Bradstock Public House
    Burton Bradstock Public House
  • US Pre-Embarkation
    US Pre-Embarkation
  • Marching to the Ships
    Marching to the Ships
  • German Prisoners at Weymouth
    German Prisoners at Weymouth
  • Anti-Aircraft Equipment
    Anti-Aircraft Equipment
  • Barrage Balloon
    Barrage Balloon
  • Poster
  • Searchlights
  • Crashed Aircraft
    Crashed Aircraft
  • Scramble!
  • In The Skies
    In The Skies
  • Cigarette Card
    Cigarette Card
  • Gunner's Eye View
    Gunner's Eye View
  • German Bombers
    German Bombers
  • Long Range German Aircraft
    Long Range German Aircraft
  • ATS Poster
    ATS Poster
  • Weymouth Communal Shelters
    Weymouth Communal Shelters
  • FW 190
    FW 190
  • Fighter Ranges
    Fighter Ranges
  • HE 111 Bombers
    HE 111 Bombers
  • German Aircrew
    German Aircrew
  • Hawker Hurricane
    Hawker Hurricane
  • Hawker Hurricane
    Hawker Hurricane
  • JU 88 Crew
    JU 88 Crew
  • ME 109 and Spitfire
    ME 109 and Spitfire
  • Royal Observer Corps
    Royal Observer Corps
  • Barrage Balloon crew
    Barrage Balloon crew
  • Spitfire
  • Anderson Shelters are to be issued
    Anderson Shelters are to be issued

This virtual gallery and its associated education pages (National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3) cover the Dorset Home Front in the Second World War. Throughout the years 1939-1944 Dorset was very much in Britain's Front Line, not only were the skies above the county the battleground of the RAF and the Luftwaffe but on the ground the County's beaches were excellent landing ground for the German invader and needed defending. In the middle of the war training for a wide variety of operations was carried out and raids of all kinds mounted from Dorset. Finally, Dorset was the D Day springboard for the American force heading for Omaha Beach in Normandy. Few counties consistently played such an important role in the defence of Britain and we are most grateful to the assistance of the National Lottery's Home Front Recall fund for making our display in the Keep Museum, the education packs and this web site possible.