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Empire & The New Worlds

The ending of the Napoleonic Wars, left Britain as the pre-eminent maritime power with a world wide power base, set for expansion. The years of peace in Europe, after Waterloo in 1815, allowed Britain to concentrate on trade with her empire. Indeed it was local conflicts, mainly over trading interests, that led to the expansion of the Empire rather than any planned aggrandisement.

Sergeant A Fitzgerald - A Typical Victorian Soldier - click for enlargementSergeant A Fitzgerald's Medals - click for enlargementQuarter Master Sergeant Thomason's Medals - click for enlargement

Additional Information

Captain Charles Boycott

E is for Elegant Subaltern

Colonel Marmaduke George Nixon

Port Elizabeth

The Wild Colonial Boy

Private Cornelius Kerley, 54th and 87th Regiments - A Soldier of Dorset by Jeremy Archer

One Family, One Regiment and Several Campaigns 1805-1862 - The Newport Family in the 39th Regiment by Jeremy Archer

General William Munro, C.B., 39th Regiment - Soldier and Plantsman by Jeremy Archer

The SS Sarah Sands Saga - 11/12 November 1857 by Jeremy Archer

Thomas Fraser Dixon, Major General (1832 - 1918) by Henry Biddles

The Devonshire Regiment and The Seige of Ladysmith by Helen Jones

HMS Himalaya - Troopship - click for enlargementHMS Orontes - Troopship - click for enlargement